Wednesday, May 21, 2014

24 Weeks - 6 Months

I can't believe I'm officially 6 months pregnant! It's Crazy!!!

This last week, I've been craving milk, smiley potatoes, and ice cream. But not alllll together. LOL

Jace has been moving around a LOT. The other night he even didn't want me feeling him kick and squirm, and I felt the stinker move away from my hand. Other than that, he kicks all the time, most times it's hard enough we can see it.

Chris's mom ordered us a heavy duty (it can hold up to 4,000 pounds) shelving unit to put in our storage closet that has no shelves. That means that once we get it, we can start going through the baby's room and emptying things out! I will post a 'before' and after blog post about all of that when we get there. 

I said 'before' because the room was a LOT worse 2 days ago than it is now. Yesterday I got Chris to help me move some stuff around. We had a library table in the bedroom that we moved into the front room. It now has a small 3 shelf bookcase on it, my plastic 3 drawer organizer next to it, and my file cabinet next to it as well. This makes me a little office corner. I can't sit in a hard chair for long now, but once Baby is born it will be great because of homework and such with school. :)

We also moved one of the 2 bookcases into our room, and cut a hole in the back of it so the TV could sit on the shelf and the cords now go out the back of it.

All in All yesterday was very productive. :)

We are slowly going to be able to get things out of the baby's room, and put up, so we can put baby furniture in it!

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