Tuesday, July 22, 2014

33 Weeks

Wow.. it's been awhile since I posted.
Nothing new to post honestly. I did have my second baby shower this past weekend, which I will add a few photos on here. :-) Any questions, just ask.
My Aunt made a diaper tricycle. And said she was NEVER making one again! HAHA
And my cousin made a diaper cake.
The cake my Aunt got. The booties are a keepsake to write the birth info on the bottoms.
And Chris and I. With a belly shot at 32 weeks and 4 days. :-)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

30 Weeks 1 Day

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment. After chasing the baby across my stomach, the doctor finally got his heartbeat long enough for the doppler to register the BPM, which was 145. :-)

Doctor said I have 10 weeks until my due date, and 7 weeks until I'm full term. It's getting closer and closer! I can't wait until I can hold my son in my arms and see his gorgeous little face, and those adorable baby fingers and toes!

Yesterday, Chris and I also got out Rocking chair and crib out of lay away. :-) It's a gorgeous Cherry wood finish, which is ironic, because when we got them, we had forgotten the finish on the dresser we already had, and when we got home yesterday, we found the dresser, while it is old and faded a little, to be a gorgeous cherry wood finish!

But we got those put together, and now are just waiting to paint the room this month sometime, not 100% sure how yet, but will update that later on. 

Other than this, I do not have any additional updates.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

29 weeks & Baby Shower # 1

So Tuesday was my 29 weeks. 11 weeks, less than 3 months until my due date. We also had my first baby shower. My second one is 3.5 weeks after the first. Here is a belly picture. Taken by my love, Chris.

Here are a couple of photos from the baby shower. I'm not sharing all, which is close to 100 photos!

Chris, A friend, Ally, and my Mom
Thought this one was a cute one of Chris and I.
Lil Blurry, but it's a cute picture, with the cake Candyce got us.
After the shower, we decided to take a selfie. :-)

Monday, June 23, 2014


So I thought I would do another post about books. I've set a goal with the GoodReads app on my phone and Kindle Fire to read about 30 books this summer break. So far I think I've read 3, which definitely isn't a bad start. :-) So I'm going to do another mini review on a book I finished not too long ago.

Divergent By Veronica Roth

This book has been turned into a movie, but I highly suggest reading the book. I have yet to see the movie, but the book was amazing. I read it in a couple of days.

It's about a society where everyone has a specific place they belong, and if a test shows they don't truly have a single place of belonging, then they are practically hunted down and killed. But it isn't that easy, they must first learn to work together, and overcome what one division of this society has decided to do do another, and they must all work together on territory that is considered unfamiliar to them.

If you have read The Giver by Lois Lowry, then you will most likely LOVE this book. I found many minor details to be very similar to those found in Lowry's book, which is probably a portion of the reason(s) I liked Divergent so much.

It is available for the Kindle, Nook, as well as hard copy. Below the image are the links. If you read this book, please put your own thoughts and comments on it in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I am in no way getting paid for this post. This is my own opinion based on a book I recently read, and am simply posting this from my own opinion and free will.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

28 Weeks 4 days

This last week has been one of those weeks where i feel like doing NOTHING and am exhausted for no reason, aside from growing a human being!

I had my Glucose test Tuesday, which I found out yesterday I passed, with a perfect sugar of 105!

That drink though was nasty. I didn't get a choice of Fruit Punch of Orange, and I do NOT like Fruit Punch to begin with, but I chugged that thing in about 2 minutes so I could get it over and done with, and it was worth it, cuz it came back PERFECT!

My main craving this week has been slushies, and strawberry banana smoothies. :-)

Jace has been moving almost non stop throughout the day, then calms down a few minutes after I lay down to relax for sleep, which would help if I could get to sleep when Chris does!! But I'm usually in bed for a few hours reading or playing games before I can finally fall asleep. 

My head hits the pillow and I'm suddenly wide awake, no matter how tired I was to begin with!

Since It's already the weekend, I will post some pictures with my next update. Tuesday is my first (of 2) baby shower, so I'm sure there will be photos and whatnot from there to share!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

27 Weeks 1 day

This is the final week of the second Trimester! I'm ⅔ of the way done! That means only 13 weeks left until D-Day.

This week I have been craving Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich from subway. Haha.

I also have been feeling many kicks, punches, and bounces. It's a great feeling until Baby Jace goes so low that I can barely walk one day!

Yesterday, Chris and I got through all of the stuff in Baby's room. Now the only stuff in there is stuff that will STAY in there once Jace is born. We have our baby shower in 2 weeks, and get the crib and rocking chair in 3 weeks.

Super exciting!!! Here's a photo from yesterday. :-)
Sorry it's a little dark. I had to use the closet mirror, as I couldn't get into the bathroom at the time LOL.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


I wanted to make a post that wasn't pregnancy/planning for baby related. To broaden my horizons so to speak. So I thought I would write about the newest Netflix show that Chris and I have discovered.
We've already finished the first season, which is all Netflix has at the moment, but it was amazing.

Syfy's Bitten

Photo from http://www.denofgeek.com/tv/bitten/27638/first-trailer-and-poster-for-syfys-bitten 

We found that this show was about werewolves, defending their lifestyle while hiding from the humans, who were all over their properties in order to solve a local murder, which was in turn caused by other werewolves who were not a part of the pack. I'm not saying any more about it, but this is definitely a GREAT show.

If you like True Blood, the show, you would love this series. I'm sure of it!

Also, it is based off of a series of books. When I found this out, me being the reader that I am, decided to get the ebook from my local library, and have since read the majority of the first book, and while the book is COMPLETELY different than the series, I love it. It's just as good as watching the show, despite the only similarity being location and characters.

Kindle    Paperback    Nook

Again this is a great series, and an even better book!! :-D