Thursday, February 27, 2014

My First Pregnancy-Related DIY!!

So, I may be only 12 weeks pregnant at the moment, however I've been just bloated enough that my overweight butt isn't comfortable in much else, aside from Leggings. I feel as if I've lost weight, so I can't wear my jeans, because they fall off...And leggings are all I'm comfortable in!

Well I was surfing Pinterest the other day, and found a blog post at Blogher (click the link for the blog post) I decided that the directions looked easy enough, that I was going to try turning an old pair of skinny jeans, that I couldn't wear for a lil while now, into Maternity Jeans!

AND IT WORKED!!! I definitely plan on making more as I get further along in my pregnancy. It only cost me $2, as I had to buy elastic to do this, and had the rest of the stuff on hand.

Also...Here is my belly at 12 weeks. :) 

I think they turned out super cute, AND comfy!!! I did leave the elastic a little loose at the top, This way the further I get, it doesn't hurt me when the elastic gets tighter. :)
I just followed the directions on that blog link above.
It definitely pays to have a sewing machine, and be crafty/creative. $20 or more, depending on where you go for maternity jeans, and I only paid $2 for mine. I think there will be trips to goodwill in the further to get more jeans to do this with as well. 

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