Tuesday, April 22, 2014

HALFWAY!!! - 20 weeks Down!

20 weeks to go!!!

I've been feeling the baby move big time. Even seen my belly move a couple times too. I absolutely love it!

We had a great Easter weekend. Saturday we spent time with Chris's sisters, taking some pictures. She got a couple of Chris and I, but will be getting more soon enough, as we are planning a gender reveal photo shoot after we find out.

Which previously I have said that we find out the sex on may 2, however, Chris has changed his work schedule. So now he will be working Thursday through Sunday on First shift times, instead of Monday through Friday on second shift. So I changed my doctor's appointment. :) We now find out one week from today! 

7 days!!

Super excited! 

Anyway, here are the few photos of Chris and I that his sister took of us. :) Enjoy!

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