Saturday, June 21, 2014

28 Weeks 4 days

This last week has been one of those weeks where i feel like doing NOTHING and am exhausted for no reason, aside from growing a human being!

I had my Glucose test Tuesday, which I found out yesterday I passed, with a perfect sugar of 105!

That drink though was nasty. I didn't get a choice of Fruit Punch of Orange, and I do NOT like Fruit Punch to begin with, but I chugged that thing in about 2 minutes so I could get it over and done with, and it was worth it, cuz it came back PERFECT!

My main craving this week has been slushies, and strawberry banana smoothies. :-)

Jace has been moving almost non stop throughout the day, then calms down a few minutes after I lay down to relax for sleep, which would help if I could get to sleep when Chris does!! But I'm usually in bed for a few hours reading or playing games before I can finally fall asleep. 

My head hits the pillow and I'm suddenly wide awake, no matter how tired I was to begin with!

Since It's already the weekend, I will post some pictures with my next update. Tuesday is my first (of 2) baby shower, so I'm sure there will be photos and whatnot from there to share!

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