Wednesday, June 11, 2014

27 Weeks 1 day

This is the final week of the second Trimester! I'm ⅔ of the way done! That means only 13 weeks left until D-Day.

This week I have been craving Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich from subway. Haha.

I also have been feeling many kicks, punches, and bounces. It's a great feeling until Baby Jace goes so low that I can barely walk one day!

Yesterday, Chris and I got through all of the stuff in Baby's room. Now the only stuff in there is stuff that will STAY in there once Jace is born. We have our baby shower in 2 weeks, and get the crib and rocking chair in 3 weeks.

Super exciting!!! Here's a photo from yesterday. :-)
Sorry it's a little dark. I had to use the closet mirror, as I couldn't get into the bathroom at the time LOL.

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