Thursday, June 5, 2014


I wanted to make a post that wasn't pregnancy/planning for baby related. To broaden my horizons so to speak. So I thought I would write about the newest Netflix show that Chris and I have discovered.
We've already finished the first season, which is all Netflix has at the moment, but it was amazing.

Syfy's Bitten

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We found that this show was about werewolves, defending their lifestyle while hiding from the humans, who were all over their properties in order to solve a local murder, which was in turn caused by other werewolves who were not a part of the pack. I'm not saying any more about it, but this is definitely a GREAT show.

If you like True Blood, the show, you would love this series. I'm sure of it!

Also, it is based off of a series of books. When I found this out, me being the reader that I am, decided to get the ebook from my local library, and have since read the majority of the first book, and while the book is COMPLETELY different than the series, I love it. It's just as good as watching the show, despite the only similarity being location and characters.

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Again this is a great series, and an even better book!! :-D

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