Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY Update

I know I posted one pregnancy related DIY earlier on here, so I thought I would update on that. I really love how that turned out! To the point, that as soon as I can, I'm going to take another pair of jeans and turn them into maternity jeans as well...besides...I've lost enough weight so far that my one pair of jeans that fit pre pregnancy don't fit anymore...They fall right off! My doctor said I was fine though, since I DO love me some food!

But as soon as I can, I also plan to make myself a couple summer dresses, since I can't seem to find any maternity dresses that aren't ridiculously priced.

That being said, as I go about going through things in what will be the nursery, I will post before, during, and after posts, perhaps I'll even get Fiancee involved, and let him have access to my blog for a few days!

I will also post during photos of my next maternity jeans DIY experience. :)

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