Wednesday, June 4, 2014

26 Weeks +1 Day

Chris was off work yesterday, so I skipped my post and hung out with him. :-D 

We ended up going swimming at the community pool, and because my stomach was WHITE as a ghost, I got a little pink, not really BURNT, but pink enough that warm water made it a little bit sore. Oh Well! Least it's not worse!

Anyhow, As of yesterday, I'm 26 weeks. I'm almost done with my 6th month of being pregnant. :-) Which ALSO means I'm almost in the final stretch, the last trimester! 

Super excited about this. It means I'm that much closer to meeting my son face to face. :-)

The last 2 weeks, I'm been craving kool aid. The last week, it's been smiley potatoes, and the strawberry kiwi arctic rushes from dairy queen!

I have 2 weeks until my glucose screening, then my appointments are every other week!! 

Then we have 3 weeks until my first baby shower, the one Chris's sister is throwing us, more of a barbecue than anything.

We get the crib, mattress, and rocking chair in 4 weeks.

And just over 6 weeks until my second shower, thrown by my cousin.

All this means is that next Tuesday, Chris and I are going to be going through the stuff we have piled in the second bedroom, so we can turn it into the nursery. I will definitely plan to post before and after photos next week, as we do this.

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